General Registration

The Directorate of General Registration:

The Registration Unit serves students, Alumni and external organization in support
for achieving the University goals, discovers learning and engagement and also is
committed to excellence. We are committed to being efficient and competent at work,
and continually seeking improvement. Furthermore, it is also engaged in maintaining
an environment in the office and campus that encourages growth, supports academics,
respect people values, their differences, and promotes communication and
participation throughout all divisions of the University. We aspire to present
continuously improving services through a dedicated and skillful staff, improved and
efficient processes that guarantee integrity, confidentially and security of all academic
records. And also, contribute to the preparation of study plans academic calendar,
instructions for awarding degrees and admission instructions. Besides, we provide
accurate timely related to upgrade and dissemination of course related information,
enrollment registration, and grade reporting of students. Finally, we work closely with
both faculties and colleges at the University in a manner that is based on principles of
fairness, good stewardship, and commitment to excellence. The Directorate consists
of the following Department: 1) Department of Certificates: The works of this
Department are preparing the certificates of (Bachelors, Master, PhD and wall) and
also prepare the annual statistics of the graduating students. 2) Department of
Students Affairs: The works of this department are receiving the student admission,
receiving applications for transferring students and issue related to the waiver and
cancellation of the students. And also prepare the annual statistics of the admitted
students for the first and all the stages. 3) Department of Auditing and Archiving files:
The works of this department are receiving the Binders (files of the graduating
students) and Master sheet (records of scores of the students) and auditing them at the
end of each academic year.


Directorate of General Registration , Presidency of University of Zakho, First floor, Office #.

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